To blog or not to blog?

So, why blog?

I’m a big fan of blogs, usually the ones written by women about their days (see my favourites in the About page). I don’t sleep around, I haven’t got an interesting job, I have yet to get married or give birth – I admit, my life couldn’t be turned into a bestseller. 

But I love to write; I work with some unbelievably bigoted/stupid/hilarious people, tales of whom I will pass on through these pages; I like to share my thoughts and feelings on every aspect of my life, no matter how embarrassing/intimate.

I first got hooked on blogs when I was surfing the internet with nothing to do at work and started reading them. This is handy because a block of words is a lot less incriminating than the Christian Louboutin homepage if your boss happens to wander past your desk.

So, even if only one bored woman comes across this and it manages to lighten her working day, I will be satisfied.

Let’s get blogging…

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