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The Distant Hours – Kate Morton

  Brief Synopsis: When a mysterious letter arrives in the post, Edie feels compelled to delve into the reason why it upset her mother so much. Her trail leads to Milderhurst , a crumbling castle occupied by three spinster sisters and the place Edie’s mother was … Continue reading

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Les Peres et Les Filles, Paris

Facade: Typically Parisian: outdoor tables, leafy palms, mood lighting, smoke. Decor: We didn’t go inside. Dress Code: It’s Paris so I think it’s important to dress as elegantly as possible at all times. That being said, it was during the middle of a … Continue reading

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Forgotten Gems

I’ve been allowed to have a CD player at work. This is excellent news, as a day listening to keyboards tapping, inane comments and racist remarks can sometimes get you down. Even better, no one brings any CDs in which means the … Continue reading

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The Riverside Fish Bar – Stamford

  Facade: Quaint, olde-worlde, traditional chip shop – very in keeping with its surroundings. Decor: Typical chip shop vibe with the option to take away, sit in – or even better – sit out on picnic tables overlooking a lush, green park and the river. … Continue reading

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Dreaming of You

I had the hugest crush on a boy we shall call BP between the ages of 11 – 14; he was the original Mr P, I suppose. After years of blushing whenever I saw him, a brief time when we actually … Continue reading

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The Gatecrasher – Madeleine Wickham

  Brief Synopsis: Fleur is a woman with a mission to get rich. She achieves this by attending swanky funerals and seducing the bereaved, and wealthy, widower. However, when Fleur entices Richard into her web, she finds that she doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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From One Extreme to the Other

So. I’m walking down the road the other day on my way to the bus stop when I am accosted by a youth. The guy was about 20, wearing a white wifebeater vest showing off numerous tattoos. He looked like a … Continue reading

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