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Kiss and Tell – Fiona Walker

  Brief Synopsis: The next in the series of Oddlode stories turns its attentions to Gus and Tash Beauchamp, suspected affairs and a brooding New Zealander. Good Points: All of Walker’s Oddlodes books are a joy – naughty, funny and moving with great characters and … Continue reading

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Paranoid Android

I know I’m a paranoid person. No wonder everyone thinks I’m a stoner. I’m concerned that people I know may be reading my blog. Obviously, I should see any readership, however small, as a good thing. But when people who … Continue reading

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Capocci, Notts

Facade: It’s a bit taverna-esque from the outside, orange and gold, welcoming. Decor: Very themey although they seem a bit muddled (the menu is Italian, Mexican and Spanish) so there are crappy sombreros attached to the walls and straw donkeys interspersed with … Continue reading

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I started Pilates class about 4 weeks ago. My first lesson was strange in that I was amazed by how unfriendly everyone was. Not one of them said ‘hello’ or asked how I was or who I was or anything like that. … Continue reading

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  In A Nutshell: Psychologist Lisa (Meryl Streep) is faced with an ethical dilemma when one of her clients, Rafi (Uma Thurman) starts dating her Jewish son, David (Bryan Greenberg). Good Points: Streep and Thurman are awesome actors and the … Continue reading

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Bragging Shites

I don’t think there’s anything less becoming or more tasteless than people who brag. Now that holiday season is upon us, I have to put up with KKK crowing from the desk next to me, giving me an hour by hour … Continue reading

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