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A Modern Girl’s Dilemma

My sister, The Blonde (see Who’s Who), has been with her beau, Mr V, for four years. She is 33, he is ten years her senior. They have a fun-filled, extravagant lifestyle, saving up and going on amazing holidays to the envy … Continue reading

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And Then There Was One…

The other day, my very good friends Mr and Mrs G announced that they were expecting a baby. This was wonderful news; after two years of trying and failing, they had managed it. I was chuffed to bits for them. … Continue reading

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Goodwill to All Men

Mood: Angry, upset Style: The I’ve-been-out-all-day look: chic 9 hours ago, now slightly skanky. Ah, Christmas: goodwill to all men, compulsory daytime drinking, presents and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are surrounded with those you truly love. Except … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Sexes

Mood: Excited Style: Sexy, dolled up Listening to: Some absolute cheesefest of a song on Radio 1 What’s the plan for today? 6pm: Baby Ra’s Head-Wetting Party You know you’re getting old when you start getting invitations to weddings and … Continue reading

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Babies, Cher Impressions and Duvet Days

Mood: Nauseous, drunk, lazy Style: Casual, punkish Listening to: Steptoe & Son on Radio 7 What’s on today: 7pm: Quiz Night Sundays are precious things: boiled eggs, The Sunday Times (well, the supplements anyway) and the pub quiz. Something untoward … Continue reading

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