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Since we’ve been allowed to listen to CDs at work, mine have the been the ones mostly being spun. This isn’t because I’m hogging the CD player, but simply because my colleagues aren’t brining their music choices in. So, if they complain … Continue reading

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Something I Thought I’d Never Say

My good friend, Mrs M, came for a flying visit a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time reminiscing about meeting on Monday evenings after school for beer, or lime and soda if we were skint, and chatting away about … Continue reading

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Pogo No-go

Mr P and I went to see a band called Yuck a week or so ago. They’re a great band, fusing together early 90s grunge sounds with mellow tunes and punkier numbers. They’re like a cross between The Cure and Teenage Fanclub. … Continue reading

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Room – Emma Donoghue

Brief Synopsis: It’s Jack’s 5th birthday. He and his Ma have lived in Room for as long as he can remember but, now he is old enough, it is time for him to find out the truth.  Good Points: It’s an interesting concept … Continue reading

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Random Work Irritations #9

KKK is, as regular reader(s) will know, is my nemesis in the workplace. If it isn’t making inane racist comments, snobbish asides and talking to herself, she’s being a smug cow. I can imagine what she was like at school: … Continue reading

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His White Mistress

I consider myself to be anti-drugs. After the odd cheeky smoke in my teens, I have never dabbled, or had the inclination to dabble with, anything harder. This is my stance. However, I had thought I was more lenient with other … Continue reading

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Bah! Humbug

I hate Christmas. And I would go so far as to call myself a Scrooge apart from the fact that I do love giving and receiving presents. But that’s about it. Mr P and I have never had a Christmas … Continue reading

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