Getting my Priorities Right

I woke late the other day. Scrabbling for my phone, I discovered that I had precisely fifteen minutes to make the bus. Fifteen minutes isn’t so bad: it’s enough time to shove a slice of toast and a cup of tea down my throat. And it’s also just enough time to fix my hair and make-up.

So which did I choose?

That morning, I utilised the work’s kettle for the first time in years and bought myself an oaty snack bar for breakfast.

I was talking about this to one of my colleagues, Mrs P. She said that when she had a corneal abrasion, she was reprimanded by the nurse who treated her for wearing make-up despite the fact that the accident occurred after she had applied her slap for the day. She was then given an eye patch and still proceeded to mascara the uncovered eye.

I sympathised with her completely. Whenever I get an eye infection and buy some drops from the pharmacist, they advise me to forgo make-up for the duration of the drops (five days) and then throw all make-up away in case of cross-infection. I never listen to them.

And people accuse me of being vain?!!

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