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Tree Surgery for Beginners – Patrick Gale

Brief Synopsis: Laurence is a tree surgeon. When he is wrongly accused of murdering his wife, he takes refuge on a cruise where he meets Lala. He is acquited when his wife, Bonnie, eventually shows up.  Good Points: A good amount of characters … Continue reading

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Random Work Irritations #1

Ah, KKK, my esteemed colleague and general bigot. There’s a section in Who’s Who devoted to this notable beast but let me indulge my creative juices and further flourish this fine character whilst telling you about one (of many) ridiculously annoying things … Continue reading

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The Forsyte Saga – Part 1: John Galsworthy

Brief Synopsis: This story tracks 20 years in the lives of the Forsytes, an affluent family from London. Soames Forsyte’s loveless marriage to Irene is the focal point of the first chunk of this epic.  Good Points: Love, list, sorrow, despair, anger and pain mingle with dramatic consequences – … Continue reading

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44 Inch Chest

Brief Synopsis: Colin (Ray Winstone) and his ramshackle group of friends plot revenge on his wife’s lover in this intense, psychological thriller. Good Points: It’s all fabulous – you expect a gun-totin’ cockney gangster flick whenever you see Ray Winstone’s name … Continue reading

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The Quorn Exchange, Quorn, Leics

Facade: A cute restaurant in the heart of quaint Quorn promising good, modern food whilst still keeping a nice sense of tradition. There’s also a lovely courtyard where you can enjoy your nosh al fresco  – not really appropriate for a night … Continue reading

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The Take That Generation Gap

Mood: Nostalgic Style: Boring workwear paired with inappropriate-for-the-snow, suede Mary Janes Listening to: my colleagues clucking like a gaggle of hens “And you lot ar soooooo horny! Almost as horny as me!” – My oldest friend, Shellbell, and I used to scream … Continue reading

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