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Crossing the Line

I am not a flirt. I’m always very aware that flirting with someone other than Mr P could cause him upset. Or I’m perceptive that my flirting with a coupled-up boy mate could piss off his girlfriend. I hate Mr … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect – Jodi Picoult

Brief Synopsis: Cassie wakes up in a graveyard with amnesia. A friendly policeman, Will, looks after her until she is claimed when she discovers that she is married to world-famous Hollywood actor, Alex Rivers. Good Points: It’s exciting, interesting and a real page … Continue reading

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Random Work Irritations #5

I haven’t yet told you about KP Nuts, another of my ignoramus work colleagues. KP Nuts is in her 40s, married, mother of three gorgeous girls. She is a wicked cook and will often bring in freshly baked samosas and chapatis for us to … Continue reading

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Blissful Solitude

Mr P used to work away loads. Every Sunday night was awful; I would sit on the bed watching him pack his bag, trying not to cry. He hasn’t worked away as much recently but this week, he’s in London for the … Continue reading

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Lady Chatterley and Mellors

He is wearing his battered work trousers, slung low on his narrow hips. He smells of springtime; green leaves, dry bark. I am in my secretarial garb; knee-length blue pencil dress, top knot, glasses. He pulls me towards him, kissing me … Continue reading

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Random Work Irritations #4

I have talked about my twattishly bigoted co-worker here before. I call her KKK (see Who’s Who for full rundown of her extreme cuntishness). She said several things that bugged the shit out of me last week. Firstly, she expressed disapproval … Continue reading

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Getting On

You know you’re getting old: when you go to a Blood Red Shoes gig and are the oldest person there, i.e. 27. You realise you’re still young: when you attend a Primal Scream gig and are the youngest there. You … Continue reading

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