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His White Mistress

I consider myself to be anti-drugs. After the odd cheeky smoke in my teens, I have never dabbled, or had the inclination to dabble with, anything harder. This is my stance. However, I had thought I was more lenient with other … Continue reading

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A Hansel and Gretel-style trail of clothes leads from the stairs to the front door. I drag myself out of bed Monday morning, trying to rub away my wine-fuelled headache. The back of my legs hurt and there is that … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

Mood: Pissed off, upset. Style: Slightly dishevelled. Mr P and I went to London yesterday to celebrate his 32nd birthday. We took in an art exhibition, got pissed, ate loads of lovely food (restaurant reviews to follow) and got even … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans…

Mood: Horny, kinky, freezing cold. Style: Knickers, heels and a scarf. Mr P’s been working night shifts, which means he gets home as I’m leaving for work and is gone by the time I’m back. This means that our sex … Continue reading

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The Joy of the Sickie

Mood: Mischievous, hungover Style: Tousled hair, underwear There is nothing better than pulling a sickie and here are some reasons why:- The forbidden aspect of it – you know it’s wrong but God, it feels so right. Like a mouthful of … Continue reading

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Goodwill to All Men

Mood: Angry, upset Style: The I’ve-been-out-all-day look: chic 9 hours ago, now slightly skanky. Ah, Christmas: goodwill to all men, compulsory daytime drinking, presents and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are surrounded with those you truly love. Except … Continue reading

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The Guilt Trip

Mood: Hungover, guilty Style: Hangover ‘chic’: bed hair, remnants of last night’s make-up etc Listening to: Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs (why?) accompanied by the pounding in my head. What’s on today? 2:00 – get up; 3:00-9:30 – nurse hangover; … Continue reading

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