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FILM: Nativity!

In A Nutshell: A heartbroken teacher misleads his class of 10-year-old children when he informs them that producers and directors from Hollywood are coming to England to watch their nativity play. Good Points: It’s really sweet, the children are cute and good … Continue reading

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Martyr Shit

KC, my bubbly work colleague, has been off for three weeks after having her appendix taken out. I’ve never had major surgery (or even minor surgery – the last time I was in hospital, I was being born) so I don’t know … Continue reading

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Hot Stuff

A sex tip, if you have the inclination and you, literally, fancy spicing things up a bit. Don’t have oral sex / finger-based foreplay with your fiance unless he has thoroughly (and I mean, thoroughly) washed his hands after making a curry. … Continue reading

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My Inner Model

I got the best news today. At work, my colleague told me she had a proposition. Already, I was slightly curious but also wary that she was going to ask me to cover a shift in Reception. Yuck. But no, … Continue reading

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FILM: Coming To America

In A Nutshell: A coddled African prince tires of not being independent and being forced to marry a woman he doesn’t love and so sets off an soul-searching adventure to Queens, New York. Good Points: Despite the fact that it’s … Continue reading

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Blimey, this wedding lark is tougher to plan than I thought! Both Mr P and I have made a conscious decision that rather than inviting the reams of aunties, cousins and uncles to the do (Mr P’s dad is one of … Continue reading

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RESTAURANT: La Marine, Paris, France

Facade: typically French, cute, rustic Decor: Opulent (think heavy velvet curtains and chandeliers) but dark and therefore intimate and cosy. Dress Code: It’s a busy, noisy but relaxed place. Tables are populated by big groups of mixed-sex friends or couples. You could get away … Continue reading

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