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Different Strokes

I like to think I’m quite a liberal person, especially when it comes to matters in the bedroom. However, there are certain things that I just could not be OK with. We know a couple, B and N, who have been … Continue reading

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The Space Between Us

I love pilates. I love the feeling of taking a good stretch, I love the relaxed buzz, I love the pure unbroken night’s sleep I get after a class. It’s awesome and it’ s not like you leave there in … Continue reading

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A Modern Girl’s Dilemma

My sister, The Blonde (see Who’s Who), has been with her beau, Mr V, for four years. She is 33, he is ten years her senior. They have a fun-filled, extravagant lifestyle, saving up and going on amazing holidays to the envy … Continue reading

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An Intriguing Case for Consideration

Mr P has been working in Paris all summer. The other evening, he called me, sounding slightly perturbed. He had been in a bar when a man had come in, made a beeline for him and said: “Something is going … Continue reading

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Too Much Too Young

One of my pet hates is people who don’t get music. I have several examples of this, all involving he cretins I’m unlucky enough to work with on a day-to-day basis. A 50-odd colleague of mine had never heard of … Continue reading

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Over You – Lucy Diamond

  Brief Synopsis: Josie is a happily married wife and mother; Nell is the outgoing free spirit; Lisa is the glossy career woman. After a weekend reunion in London, a secret emerges that will change all of their lives forever.  Good Points: It’s easy to … Continue reading

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The House at Riverton – Kate Morton

Brief Synopsis: Grace begins life as a maid at a grand house. She soon becomes embroiled in family life and feels especial closeness towards Hannah Hartford, one of the house’s daughters. This story has a dual narrative from Grace as a young girl at Riverton … Continue reading

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