My dearest friend, and Maid of Honour, Katie Cat, has a lovely boyfriend, Mr F, who has a tendency to buy her God awful Christmas and/or birthday presents. Consequently, she used to tell her mum what she would like prior to the event and she would then give Mr F several massive nudges in the right direction.

On her last birthday though, he received no help from her mum and, off his own back/bat (which one of those is the right saying anyway?) booked a weekend away for them both in the Lake District. How sweet! How romantic! How Katie Cat such a trip was! Marvellous.

Christmas rolls around and he springs a surprise weekend away in beautiful Bath on her! Lovely! Katie Cat is a huge Jane Austen fan and Bath is a gorgeous city even if she weren’t. Great choice, Mr F.

Now, Katie Cat is a love but she is a bit naughty when it comes to receiving presents. For example. she always returns jewellery Mr F buys her and swaps it for something better. That’s OK, but by proposing a weekend away in Bath, I thought he would’ve hit the nail on the head.

Not so.

Katie Cat is now worried that he will only ever buy her weekends away after striking gold with the original Lake District trip.

But so what if he does, says I? Dirty weekends spent trawling the prettiest places in the UK? Sounds alright to me.

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