Blimey, this wedding lark is tougher to plan than I thought! Both Mr P and I have made a conscious decision that rather than inviting the reams of aunties, cousins and uncles to the do (Mr P’s dad is one of twelve), we would just keep the family invitations to the bare minimum, i.e. parents and siblings only.

To us, having our large amount of friends present is more important than an aunty we only speak to once a year and have secretly nicknamed ‘Uncle Trev’.

This is bound to cause ripples throughout the clans but I think it’s important to keep a stiff upper lip and stick to our guns. This is our day after all, not theirs. If we buggered off and got married in Antigua, they would;t attend so what’s so different about getting hitched in Blighty?

My friend, Mrs M, told me that despite a beautiful dress and a gorgeous reception on Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay, she didn’t really enjoy her wedding.  Her husband’ family were difficult to please and she spent the entire day on edge, hoping they were enjoying themselves whilst forgetting to have a good time herself.

Another couple we know who are due to get married in July have taken the sensible decision not to invite any children. They, like me, think kids can ruin weddings, what with the chattering and screaming throughout the ceremony and getting in the way on the dance floor. Surely parents should relish having a night off to let their hair down and not have to worry about chasing their errant offspring? Mrs KL-to-be though said this has upset several members of her family.

Another lady I know didn’t invite her cousin’s on/off boyfriend to her wedding and certain family members haven’t spoken to her since. She got married 6 years ago.

Bit a minefield, you might say.

Wait until my dad hears I don’t want him to walk me down the aisle.

Gretna Green anyone?

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