Since we’ve been allowed to listen to CDs at work, mine have the been the ones mostly being spun. This isn’t because I’m hogging the CD player, but simply because my colleagues aren’t brining their music choices in. So, if they complain about having the Pistols on four times a day, it’s their fault in my opinion.

The other day, my colleague, KC, did bring a CD in. It was a Supremes Best Of – not bad, I don’t mind a bit of Motown. When we put it on though, it seems that it wasn’t the real Supremes singing but a cheap imitation. They weren’t bad mimickers but you could definitely tell that it wasn’t Diana Ross et all warbling from the stereo.

This got me to thinking (sorry, Carrie Bradshawism there) about my friend, Mr H, who is in an Oasis band. The band, I must say, are brilliant. Mr H plays the Noel Gallagher part and absolutely nails it. He once told me that his Oasis tribute band are the only ones allowed to sell their music on iTunes. He was, rightly, excited by this because there are tons of Oasis tribute bands gigging and  recording at the moment, so to be acknowledged as the best, ain’t too shabby.

This led to further thinking though: I understand people who would go to a tribute band gig (especially if the band in question are now defunct) but why would anybody buy their music? Mr H’s band sound a lot like Oasis but you can still tell that it isn’t them. Why would someone buy a  cheap copy of the real McCoy?

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