Different Strokes

I like to think I’m quite a liberal person, especially when it comes to matters in the bedroom. However, there are certain things that I just could not be OK with.

We know a couple, B and N, who have been together for 12 years and are due to get married next May. They are very friendly with another couple, C and S, who they used to live next door to. So close are they, that they often partake in a little light swinging. B is very open about this and will merrily tell you all the juicy details if prompted.

We saw them at the weekend enjoying the Halloween revelries when B was insistent that we go back to theirs for after hours drinks. We declined because…well, do I need to explain that swinging ain’t really my bag?

Mr P was tempted to be fair (he states in a purely voyeuristic sense but I’m not sure I believe him). Needless to say, we didn’t go.

I just don’t get how you could watch your partner have sex with your best mate and not want to scratch both their eyes out. I don’t understand how that’s appealing. OK, you’re going to be having sex with your best mate’s partner, but would that make things any easier? And how would the friendship survive? Breakfast the next day must be a very awkward affair, as embarrassed eyes meet over the scrambled eggs.

Did I mention by the way that the couples in question were/are each other’s  best men / bridesmaids?

Mr P thought that the appeal may lie in the fact that when you’re having sex , you can’t see yourself. He likened it to performing in a band, the worse part of which is that you never get to see yourself live.

I think I’d settle for digging out the video camera rather than allowing my man to fuck my bessie mate.

Should make for an interesting wedding, and subsequent blog posts, though.

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