The Space Between Us

I love pilates. I love the feeling of taking a good stretch, I love the relaxed buzz, I love the pure unbroken night’s sleep I get after a class. It’s awesome and it’ s not like you leave there in a sweaty heap of straggly fringe and stinky tracksuit either. Perfect.

Last night, we had class. Usually, we all tend to stick to our same spots. Early birds commonly place their mats at the back. If I don’t get a space at the back, I’ll go elsewhere. I’m not fussed if I’m at the front, side, in the car park or wherever.

Last night, we had some latecomers. I unfurled my mat into a space a good metre from both neighbours on either side. However, The Jenny-Come-Latelys, instead of choosing to lie in the ample space at the front of the class, both squished themselves in between me and my neighbours so that it was like we were lying in twin beds in a dingy B&B in Bournemouth.

This is not only a bit embarrassing but also awkward when you have to reach out from the sides of your mat. Someone has to shuffle down their mat to avoid clashing arms and legs – a task that we wouldn’t have to do if certain people chose a sensible spot to practise in.

Nothing kills your pilates buzz quite like it, let me assure you.

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