An Intriguing Case for Consideration

Mr P has been working in Paris all summer. The other evening, he called me, sounding slightly perturbed. He had been in a bar when a man had come in, made a beeline for him and said:

“Something is going to happen in three weeks that will change your life for the better.”

before promptly leaving the pub. He didn’t speak to anyone else and he didn’t seem pissed/mental.

I think this freaked Mr P out a bit but I like weird shit like this and it wasn’t as if he foresaw bad news for him. Maybe it’s bollocks. Maybe the guy likes messing with people’s heads. But maybe there’s some truth in it. I don’t think it’s worth dismissing completely, do you?

The date in question will be Bonfire Night. I’ll let you know if there are any fireworks.

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