The Ex-Files #3

The final Ex-File in the series is Mr P’s last before I came along and swept him off his feet. There was a bit of overlap here – something I’m not proud of – but unfortunately something that is part of life.

Leaner Than Thou was 9 years Mr P’s junior. He had been chasing her for months, asking her out on dates etc, to which she only agreed when I appeared on the scene. Mr P strung us both along for a few weeks until he came clean and I told him to get Leaner Than Thou out of his system.

She was a doe-eyed girl with a Yorkshire Terrier called Cinderella and a bedroom plastered in Disney posters (bear in mind, this girl was way above the age of consent and chose to have her bedroom decorated in this way). Not only that but her sister, mother and best friend all worked in the same pub as her which was Mr P’s local.

When he finally saw the error of his ways and broke up with the girl, we had to avoid the pub if one of them was working in it. I got scowled at, bitched about, ignored – something I could understand, we were bad, I know. But did Mr P get treated in the same manner?Did he ‘eck as like. They weren’t all over him but he was never subjected catty comments and blanking (bearing in mind, they were all barmaids. I would stand, drinkless, at the bar for ages before one of them was finally told to serve me by the gaffer).

You undoubtedly side with Leaner, her being practically a bambino and all, but Mr P told me that when theydid go out on dates, she would point out other boys she fancied and never treated him particularly nicely.

It just goes to show that it’s always the women who get blamed – look at the David Beckham / Rebecca Loos scandal. Not one person blamed Becks for dipping his wick elsewhere, assuming that ‘cold-hearted’ Posh spurned his advances and was too into her own looks to care about her husband. Bollocks. What happened to her was terrible and she should have never have been vilified like she was.

Even today, when I happen to see the Than Thou clan, I get daggers thrown at me. This is 6 years hence. I bet even Rebecca Loos doesn’t get spat at anymore.


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