Random Work Irritations #7

KKK, KC and I were talking the other day. It was actually following the riots. We were all agreed that the little shits should be punished, no mention of race was brought up, we were all agreed on the matter. So far so good.

KC, normally a very reasonable, sensitive and kind person mentioned the fact that she was becoming increasingly intolerant as she got older to the extent that whenever she saw adverts appealing for cash to aid starving orphans in Africa, she felt that African women should just give up knocking out sprogs and get themselves on the pill.

ME: I don’t think contraception is readily available in those countries.

To which KKK piped up with her suggestion:

KKK: They should try self-restraint.

Yes. Of course. A round of applause for this impeccable solution.

To KKK, sex is either an animal activity enjoyed by the perverse or simply for the purpose of producing babies. There is no in between. It’s like she can’t see that for most couples, it is also an expression of love.

She’s been married for thirty years. What a sad state of affairs.

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