Forgotten Gems

I’ve been allowed to have a CD player at work. This is excellent news, as a day listening to keyboards tapping, inane comments and racist remarks can sometimes get you down. Even better, no one brings any CDs in which means the choice of music lies with me. There’s simply nothing like the Sex Pistols blasting out on a Monday morning to set you up for a busy working week.

I’ve had a great time trawling through my old CDs – things I don’t touch or buy anymore (yes, I must admit I have succumbed to iTunes downloading – it’s just so quick and easy!) I have been transported back to the summer we finished school with this beauty:

I have rediscovered forgotten songs, like Up In The Sky from this album:

There also something refreshing about playing a CD the whole way through from start to finish. My MP3 player and iTunes are always on ‘shuffle’ so to hear an album in full is a rarity.

I strongly suggest the next time you have a free afternoon, have a gander through your old CDs: you won’t regret it.

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