Paranoid Android

I know I’m a paranoid person. No wonder everyone thinks I’m a stoner. I’m concerned that people I know may be reading my blog. Obviously, I should see any readership, however small, as a good thing. But when people who know me are reading quite intimate details about my life and they know that it’s me they’re reading about, I find it all a bit weird. For example, Mr P doesn’t even know this blog exists.

KKK’s behaviour has changed dramatically recently. I’ve noticed her holding her tongue when mentioning people of a different race and stopping herself blabbing on too much about her upcoming holiday – all of the things I complain about on this here blog.

It’d be easy for her to know about this blog – I’m not particularly discreet when I’m writing it at work. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid. Maybe she’s just decided to change her attitude for the better. And that’s no bad thing, is it? Whether she needs to know about my having sex in a graveyard is another matter.

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