Random Work Irritations #3

Working with women can be problematic in many ways, especially if  the group of women you work with is the same as the group of women I work with. The women I work with have many charming features, including bigotry and fat arses (see Who’s Who for more).

One thing I really don’t like is people shouting unnecessarily. We all work in interconnecting offices; the farthest office from mine is literally 10 steps. Calling each other on the ‘phones seemed ridiculous to me when we were literally a few feet from each other but things got really bad when my colleagues couldn’t even be bothered to pick their ‘phones up and dial. Now, they literally holler at each other across the corridors, like screaming banshees or Loose Women presenters. Not only is it disconcerting to have your name screamed from 10 feet away but it’s also bloody rude. Every time someone shouts me, I don’t shout back, I don’t even get up, I wait until they deign to shuffle into my room and speak to me at an acceptable volume.

Here we get back to my colleagues always being on diets and bemoaning the fact that their trousers don’t seem to be loosening through a mouthful of chocolate eclair. I feel like asking them to get off their fat arses and come and speak to me face-to-face for a change. That’ll be…ooh, at least .5 of a clorie burnt for your troubles.

One of the worst culprits for hollering and bad dieting was ordering a sandwich the other day. When asked what filling she would like, she said, “meat or fish, I can’t abide salad”.

Really? I’d never have guessed it.

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