Book Reviews: Bumper Edition!

The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha

Brief Synopsis: A happy family are thrown into turmoil following the murder of 15-year-old, Shep. Unlikely friendships are forged, secrets are unearthed and lives are changed for good.

Good Points: It’s gripping and so difficult to put down, full of exciting plot twists and surprises.

Bad Points: Some of the subject matters covered are quite brutal and there are some graphic descriptions which might not suit all readers.

Good For: An exciting thrill.

Overall: 5/5

Rock and Roll Suicide – P P Hartnett

Brief Synopsis: Max is a world famous rock star fed up with being adored and in the limelight; Angela is an overweight obsessive fan prone to bouts of tragic self-harm and depression. And then one day, Max pops round to Angela’s flat…

Good Points: It’s fairly interesting if you’re into the music industry.

Bad Points: It’s not brilliantly written and not enough happens to make it a real page turner but it’s OK.

Good For: An easy enough read, the kind of thing you could sling in your hadbag for emergencies. Plus the cover looks pretty cool.

Overall: 3/5

The Forsyte Saga: Part 2 by John Galsworthy

Brief Synopsis: Part 2 picks up three years into Fleur and Michael’s marriage. Fleur is finding matrimonal life fairly dull but likes to keep herself in the public eye and stay knowledgable about the latest trends. She soon gets the shake-up she longs fron when her firstlove, Jon, comes home from America, with his pretty, new wife in tow.

Good Points: The fact that it spans decades interested me and the characters are very complex.

Bad Points: It’s not as exciting, romantic or sexy as the first part.

Good For: If you thought reading Part 1 was a challenge, this is harder but you’ll feel very smug if you manage it.

Overall: 3/5

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