The Royal Oak, Long Whatton, Leics

Facade: A village pub made good; it stands on a corner – blink and you’ll miss it. The photo shows a couple of the hotel rooms situated on the car park.

Decor: Cosy, clean, modern. A mish-mash selection of stiff-backed chairs and squashy, leather sofas; a mini-library of battered books and old photos of the how the pub used to be.

Dress Code: You can get the best of both here – if you eat in the bar, the atmosphere is pretty chilled out. The dining room is grander so you should make an effort. I was wearing a LPD (Little Purple Dress) and silver sequinned heels but it was my birthday #2.

Snap: To start, I had wild mushroom rarebit tartlet with an egg and potato salad and asparagus tempura. This was OK – I preferred bits of it separately than all of it together. The salad was lovely and fresh against the earthy tartlet and the tempura was inspired. To follow, I hadthe Fish of the Day which was a rich, creamy seafood “chowder” – I would’ve called it a deconstructed fish pie myself. A beautiful selection of succulent seafood (scallop, prawn and smoked haddock) in a delicious, creamy sauce which was like a hug in bowl. Divine.

Good For: Excellent food in a relaxed atmosphere – it’s worth splashing out and checking out the rooms too!

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