Sketch, London, W1 / Randall & Aubin, Soho, W1


Facade: Walk down Conduit Street in Mayfair and look through the building with the boxer dog on the outside. See the red carpet and Bowlered doorman? That’s Sketch.

Decor: We ate in the parlour which is a gorgeous mix of antique furniture paired with really groovy light fittings. It’s a bit like being at The Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Dress Code: The parlour’s the most laidback area of the restaurant and we were there during the early evening. I was wearing a pretty top, hotpants, tights and expensive boots and was easily the most overdressed there. There were a lot of shoppers who had just stopped in for a, pricey, cup of tea without airs, graces or diamonds so don’t worry. Not sure what the rest of the place would be like though.

Snap: The parlour specialises in tea and cakes but we aren’t really tea and cakey people so we had a tuna sashimi from the starter menu and a rum and Coke each. The tuna was divine, pink slithers that melted in your mouth and came with a tuna emulsion, pink ginger and hot hot hot wasabi space. Deeevine.

Good For: A treat (a starter and a rum and Coke each cost £50!) but I’m dying to try out the Champagne tea one day.

Randall & Aubin

Facade: This is an old-school looking restaurant with a big window displaying fish on ice – quite continental. It’s facing a sex shop but, hey, this is Soho, my friend.

Decor: This place is busy and lively. Tables are crammed together and you may very well be elbow to elbow with your neighbour. This makes it more intimate and quite relaxed though and, for dinner on a Tuesday night, the place was rocking.

Dress Code: Very laid back and causal. The waiters are complete eye candy (buff, Italian, gay) but paid more attention to Mr P than me.

Snap: We had luscious oysters to start drizzled with a choice of lemon, tabasco sauce, vinegar or horseradish sauce. Yummy, salty, slimy critters. This was followed by a huge fish platter comprising tuna, the sweetest of scallops, massive mussels, two king prawns and some bass.

 Good For: A fun, lively night; fabulous fish and handsome waiters!

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