The Tandoori Empire, Quorn

Facade: Not as tacky as other Indian restaurants. Green and gold form the main colour theme. The windows are large and usually steamed up signalling hot food and a buzzing atmosphere.

Decor: Nothing special. The restaurant is quite higgledy-piggledy which means that large parties aren’t very well catered for, as tables usually have to be split up.

Dress Code: We went on a Friday for a birthday so everyone was suitably dolled up; however, I think if you went in the week, you could get away with jeans.

Snap: We weren’t actually in the mood to eat, having strayed over that too-drunk-to-be-hungry line. Also, the party was massive and a bit raucous so we didn’t bother ordering poppadoms and dips etc (usually my favourite bit of an Indian banquet). I had a king prawn biryani, to save me ordering a separate dish of rice, and wolfed it down. It was nice but it was a means to an end (i.e. preventing me from falling over after too many vodkas) rather than a meal to savour.

 Good For: A party of 6. (Indian’s more of a sociable eating experience than a date thing, isn’t it?) The food’s tasty but we didn’t really appreciate it so I would go back with a smaller crowd.

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