The Quorn Exchange, Quorn, Leics

Facade: A cute restaurant in the heart of quaint Quorn promising good, modern food whilst still keeping a nice sense of tradition. There’s also a lovely courtyard where you can enjoy your nosh al fresco  – not really appropriate for a night out in November unfortunately.

Decor: Modern, clean but not stark; welcoming; friendly; good, buzzy atmosphere.

Dress Code: I was a little overdressed for a Wednesday night so you couldn’t go wrong with skinny jeans, killer heels and a sparkly top during the week. It might get a bit flasher at weekends though.

Snap: I had pan-fried sea bass with Mediterranean vegetables and crushed new potatoes. Mr P has pork Wellington. My fish was divine – crispy skin; milky, succulent flesh. My potatoes were delicious – buttery and highly-garlicked. However, my mediterranean veg was carrots and green beans and my tomatoey sauce was actually a basil sauce – all fine buit not what was advertised. It was good grub nonetheless although definitely something Mr P could do at home.

Good For: A cheapish (the most expensive main was about £15) meal – better than pub grub but not fine dining – a midweek treat, not a special occasion.

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