The Take That Generation Gap

Mood: Nostalgic

Style: Boring workwear paired with inappropriate-for-the-snow, suede Mary Janes

Listening to: my colleagues clucking like a gaggle of hens

“And you lot ar soooooo horny! Almost as horny as me!” – My oldest friend, Shellbell, and I used to scream our heads off watching this, before rewinding the video, and doing the same thing over and over again. The speaker was a fresh-faced, 19-year-old Robbie Williams; the video: Take That’s (massive at the time) Wembley Arena gig c. 1994.

Shellbell and I were absolutely obsessed with Take That when we were 10, and Robbie was our very bestest member. We went to see them at the Birmingham NEC, and made our We Love Robbie banners 6 months before the concert date, we cried when Robbie left, weren’t so bothered when Take That split and then grew up and got into decent music.

When Take That announced they were gong to reunite, I was interested to see how they would go down, but not excited. I’m pleased that they’ve proved to be successful, but I’m not buying he albums and I don’t particularly like the songs. Then Robbie came back. Now would I like to go and see them in concert? The answer’s a post-Take That Robbie-sized no.

It’s not the boys themselves, it’s the fans, or the over-the-hill fans they’ve acquired since their reunion; those 35+ year old women who claimed to “have always loved Gary” even when he was a bleach-blond-bespiked lard-arse with a nose stud and no-one but NO-ONE fancied him. 

I was 10 in 1994 when Take That were at their peak. Anyone older than 15 (at a push) were NOT into Take That. Or if they were, they were saddos when they came of age right at the height of brit pop. Most of the women of my acquaintance who are clamouring for tickets are 10 years older than me making them 20(!) at the time of Take That’s boom. Wrong wrong wrong.

I love Take That; I have fond memories of them but that is what they will stay as. I have no despite to relive my tweenage years (fun as they were) when I’ve got Courteeners, Detroit Social Club and Primal Scream gigs in the not-so-distant future.

Shellbell herself summed it up perfectly the other day, saying “we saw them when they were younger, fitter and cheaper”.

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