Mean Green

Mood: Pissed off

In Mr P’s and my relationship, he does all the cooking and in return, I do all the cleaning. This suits us just fine: he enjoys cooking and we both get nightly edible dinners. I don’t particularly adore cleaning but will do anything to get out of food preparation.

When it comes to money matters, I tend to use my monthly wages to break the back of the biggest outlays (rent, gas, electricity, council tax, water etc). This usually skints me and so it is then up to Mr P to provide cash for food, nights out etc. He’ll even buy my clothes – he’s a lot more frivolous than I am.

This was working fine until Mr P did a bumper week at work and promptly blew all his wages without taking into account his share of the rent money. So we’re left broke with rent day looming and an already-pissed-off landlord round the corner who will have no qualms about evicting us if we fail to stump up yet again.

So I had to go cap in hand to Mum’s. She gladly lent us the cash, knowing that we’d pay her back and so the problem is sorted. For this month.

I warned Mr P that I would have to start nagging him every week to set enough moolah aside so we didn’t wind up in this situation again. He said he would rather be nagged then have to beg for the rent again.

The thing is, I don’t nag. I hate the fact that women are often renowned for nagging their spouses, why women always have to play ‘bad cop’. I come across as Miss Sensible because I pay all the bills and then transform into Miss Tight Wad then I sit down the pub all night with an empty purse ensconced in my handbag.

Mr P is 31 years old and to be honest, I don’t think I should have to nag someone his age to be a bit more sensible with his cash.

We’ll see how it transpires next month. Wish me luck.

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