Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet

Mood: horny

Style: mid-week pub casual: ra-ra mini skirt, KHBs, casual vest

Listening to: Tottenham thumping FC Twente 4-1 on Sky

What’s on? Tottenham Hotspur vs FC Twente – 7:45pm, The Apple Tree

Recently, I’ve been getting a wee bit irksome about sexual relations between myself and Mr P. The last few times have become a bit stale, a bit forced, a bit of a race for an orgasm in an uninteresting way. I know sex can’t always be swinging-from-the-chandeliers, bedstead-rattling, neighbour-annoyingly good and I know that sometimes a quickie bent over the sofa is a marvellous thing but I still started worrying.

In times like this, I turn to daily sex tips on and try to get my head around their Sexual Position of the Day before finally dismissing it as impossible or painful.

I think of other methods we haven’t tried for a while: tried and tested positions, the use of mirrors, handcuffs, different locations and finally plump for squeezing into my sexiest underwear prior to tottering down the pub.

We’re in great spirits when we get home following a resounding win for the Spurs. We walk home, an electric current buzzing between us expectantly. I know my underwear is magic enough to get Mr P going. And I am ready for him.

In the dining room, he undresses me. He loves this, unwrapping his prize, to find me cosseted in skintight, black satin. He lays me on the floor and leaves the room. I hear him bashing the ice-cube tray against the work surface in the kitchen – fine, a cool drink, it’s rather hot in here. He returns with a ramekin full of ice cubes and begins to circle my nipples slowly, freezing cold rivulets of water run between my breasts. It’s amazing how quickly the ice melts.

Mr P’s hands move lower to tease my pussy with the pleasure/pain of the frozen block of ice, contrasting deliciously with his warm tongue.

It’s a fabulous experience, and one that got me thinking that when, sexually, things start deflating, it’s not just me who notices it, not just me who trawls the internet or the darker recesses of my mind for a spark of inspiration, not just me who makes an effort.

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on 1st October.

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