The Battle of the Sexes

Mood: Excited

Style: Sexy, dolled up

Listening to: Some absolute cheesefest of a song on Radio 1

What’s the plan for today? 6pm: Baby Ra’s Head-Wetting Party

You know you’re getting old when you start getting invitations to weddings and baby head-wettings. Baby Ra was born 6 weeks ago and tonight is his official welcome-to-the-world-buddy party. Baby head-wettings are usually male dominated affairs. My friend, RB, even compared them to stag dos, asking when the stripper was turning up. And he’s got a point. Maybe wetting the baby’s head is the father’s way of saying to his mates, “look at me, boys. My balls work!” or “look, I can still go out and get pissed even though I’m a daddy!”

I was thrilled when we sasheyed into the venue and were greeted by Baby Ra’s smiling mother, JenLyn. This was a lovely surprise being as I fully expected the evening to be an all-male (and one Rosie) affair.

JenLyn is a bit like me; one of the lads who enjoys a good night out. She was cradling Baby Ra, cooing down at him, and instead of it freaking me out, it suited her down to the ground. She’s one of those chilled out mamas; she won’t be rushing Baby Ra to the doctors every time he sneezes; she’s laidback and clearly taking to motherhood like a Rosie to Vodka.

After the usual kisses and hugs were dished out and Baby Ra was prodded a bit (but not held – too small and floppy of head for that business at the moment), we went outside for a smoke.  JenLyn passed us, Baby Ra swinging in his car seat.

“Make sure you have a good night, you two,” she called, waving.

“Oh, are you off JenLyn?”

“Yes, little man needs his feed.”

I blew her kisses as she drove away. My pint-sinking friend, going home with her baby, leaving her man at the pub and yet, she seemed at her most content.

That night, I found out that my other good friend, Mrs M, had given birth to LC.

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